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Facebook campaigns are not for every type of business. However, for the businesses that best fit Facebook ads, they are usually the best and most profitable option. They are responsible for and have bloomed many high earning businesses with the right approach and best practices. Here’s an example of this in action:

This was the cost of a lead from a client who was generating leads for a new project they have in the insurance space. They were not able to get the lead to a profitable price on the facebook platform. This might have caused them to quit and consider their $120,000 investment a failure however with some convincing we felt we could turn it around for them. 

At the start of our work it was costing them $20-$25 per lead making their campaign unprofitable. However within a week we were able to get it down to $10-$12. How? The Facebook ad platform has changed in 2021 particularly due to IOS privacy and other bad press changing the rules of the game. With modifications to landing page, focusing on ads & creatives that worked, and structuring ads in a way that work in today’s facebook environment, we were able to chop costs in half and scale the ads. 

Who we work with


Facebook is perfect for putting the idea of your service in the minds of  the public and reaching new audiences. 


Your product deserves to be shown to the world. Facebook tends to be the most cost-effective medium to do this for most products. 

Hyper-targeted Remarketing

Don’t let visitors to your website slip through the cracks! Retarget them on Facebook to get them back in to make a request or purchase. 


When it comes to running successful Facebook ads, we’ve got you covered. We have spent millions of dollars successfully on the Facebook platform and have profitably scaled businesses from scratch. To break it down, here’s what our services include to understand why Connectt is the right choice:

General Consulting

Because we are a multi-channel marketing agency (we use many types of marketing and advertising, not just Facebook) we can advise better for your best interest. This means advising you on the best channels to grow your business or where to allot your ad and marketing budget, which could include Facebook, Google, native, Tiktok, Youtube, SEO, or other strategies that will maximize your growth. An agency just focused on Facebook can be biased, and it’s in their best interest to just keep you spending with Facebook. 

Ad Copy

We are masters at utilizing ad copy to persuade purchasers and potential leads, pushing them toward a buying decision. Our approach involves understanding the journey a person makes to becoming your customer and then using best practices to pull them in. We particularly love taking complex products and services and making their value proposition as clear as day for your potential customers. 


After running large budgets, we understand what types of images, videos, and other styles of creative will get attention, results, and reflect exactly what your brand represents. After doing extensive work on the Facebook platform, we’ve discovered what really works.

Landing Page

Ads, in most cases, will require persuasive, high-converting landing pages. We build out landing pages and provide optimization services to continually improve the amount of leads they can generate. According to research, top performing landing pages outperform the average in any given industry by 3-5x!

Campaigns Ads Management

As your campaigns run, we take a scientific approach to making decisions. This is an absolute necessity, especially as we scale your campaigns/sales revenue from Facebook to larger campaigns. We are experts at analyzing ad performance and making smart decisions to get results!

How do I get started?

In order to get started, we do an initial exploratory call to determine if it makes sense to work together. To schedule a call, fill out the form below and get started today!