Have a google ads champion in your corner

Through proven professionally run Google ads campaigns and landing page design, we drive profitable growth for your business that helps outcompete your competition.

Google Ads can be the perfect opportunity to generate revenue and combine with your other marketing efforts. Right now, your customer is searching for products and services like yours. In fact, the average Google user uses the search engine 3 times per day or more. 

Google Advertising puts your products and services at the top of these searches as seen in a screenshot here: 

This gives you an opportunity to “jump ahead of the line” or to rank for a keyword that might otherwise not be realistic. 

Who we work with


Skip ahead of the line and generate results now. It will take time for businesses and websites, especially on a national level, to start ranking organically. This also helps shape SEO strategies for long-term success. 

Mid-sized organizations

Google ads can be an amazing tool to drive growth. Whether you are looking to get better results or looking at Google ads as an additional marketing channel, we will help you achieve success in your national and international ad campaigns. 


As Google Ads budgets grow bigger, they can get more complex and success requires “living in the data”. Connectt has experience with large budgets and outcompeting competitive large campaigns to give you the edge in your marketing efforts. 


How we work with you

When it comes to running successful Google ads, we’ve got you covered. We have successfully operated 6-figure campaigns on the Google platform and have profitably scaled businesses from scratch. To break it down, here’s what our services include to understand why Connectt is your right choice:

General Google Ads Consulting

Because we are a multi-channel marketing agency (we use many types of marketing and advertising, not just Google) we can advise better for your best interest than an agency that only deals with Google ads. This means advising you on the best channels to grow your business or where to allot your marketing budget, which could include Facebook, Google, native, Tiktok, Youtube, SEO, or other strategies that will maximize your growth. 

Ad Copy

Copy is king. We are experts at getting results with ad copy on the Google ads platform that outshines your competition. Our approach involves understanding the journey a person makes to becoming your customer and then using best practices to pull them in. We particularly love taking complex products and services and making their value proposition as clear as day for your potential customers. 


Google has a variety of ad types, including search, Google display network, and Youtube. After running large budgets, we understand what types of images, videos, and other styles of creative will get attention, results, and reflect exactly what your brand represents. Each platform has its own set of rules and different levels of customer intent that require different approaches.

Landing Page

Ads, in most cases, will require persuasive, high-converting landing pages. We are always testing to continually find edges for you over your competition. According to research, top performing landing pages outperform the average in any given industry by 3-5x! We can confidently say we know how to and we can consistently produce landing pages that perform in that top tier. 

Google ads Campaigns Ads Management

As your campaigns run, we take a scientific approach to making decisions. This is an absolute necessity, especially as we scale your campaigns/sales revenue from Google to larger national and international campaigns. We are experts at analyzing ad performance and making smart decisions to get results!

How do I get started?

In order to get started, we do an initial exploratory call to determine if it makes sense to work together. To schedule a call, fill out the form below and get started today!