Precision marketing with Linkedin Ads

There’s no platform out there that allows you to target business people like Linkedin, specific companies, industries, job titles, and work experience targeted with pinpoint accuracy. Let our LinkedIn advertising agency help you achieve your B2B marketing goals.

While LinkedIn advertising has grown in popularity in recent years, it is still a relatively untapped resource for advertising and many advertisers have yet to recognize its potential. The average conversion rate for LinkedIn advertisements is 6.1%. As a point of reference, the average conversion rate for a B2B marketer on Google is only 2.58%. LinkedIn’s vast and valuable audience, unparalleled targeting capabilities for each marketing objective, and precise audience data cannot be matched by other platforms.

Launching campaigns on LinkedIn means expanding reach and awareness, creating relationships with potential customers, and generating new leads and sales prospects. Advertising on LinkedIn enables you to swiftly and efficiently find and engage with professionals and industry leaders you’d want to conduct business with. In addition, prospects may quickly learn about your company and begin discussions that could lead to new business opportunities if you have a strong LinkedIn presence.

With almost 800 million members and the ability to target by company, job title, seniority, and more, Linkedin ads are an ideal platform for B2B businesses to acquire customers. Linkedin has an amazing selection of different types of ads to achieve this, including:

Sponsored Content In order to reach the professionals you want to target, employ Sponsored Content, which appears in three different forms: single image, video and carousel ads straight in their LinkedIn feeds.

Message Ads As more and more people spend their time on LinkedIn messaging, Message Ads allow you to contact your potential customers there, which is where professional interactions take place.

Dynamic Ads – This allows you to target people with a creative that is tailored to them. Boost engagement with three ad formats: follower, spotlight, and job ads.

Text Ads – This allows you to quickly and easily create a campaign, personalize the content for your target audience, and pay just for the ads that are working, either per click or per impression.

Are Linkedin Ads right for you?

Linkedin ads work best with B2B products and services that carry larger price tags. This means, ideally, situations where your average customer lifetime acquisition is over $20k. 

How we work with you to dominate your competition with LinkedIn Ads

1. Initial Consultation

We will speak with you about your business goals and marketing needs to establish if LinkedIn ads are a good fit and, if so, what type of campaigns we will run. 

2. Set Up

When setting up campaigns, we will work on building the campaigns, ad copy, and creatives which can include images and video, to create a winning campaign. 

3. Linkedin Ad Marketing

Connectt will professionally manage your campaigns with the goal of using our marketing experience and expertise to achieve your business goals. This means using best practices to continually find better ways to drive results through creatives, sales copy, and advanced Linkedin ad strategies. 

Let our LinkedIn ads agency help you achieve your marketing objectives. Fill out the form below to set up a discovery call