We build revenue-driving websites, on time, at a reasonable price.

Optimize your organization performance with a website that is easy to navigate, written with sales psychology, SEO optimized, and built to handle your future needs in years to come.

Websites are not just digital business cards, they can be much more than that. Here’s what you need to know:

In any given industry, the top 25% best performing sites get 2 to 3 times more leads than the average website in their respective industry. The top 10% of performers can get as high as 5 times more leads! To put this in perspective for “Business Services” the average percentage of people that will become a lead is 3.5%. 

If your website was to get 1000 visits, this would generate 35 leads roughly (3.5 of 1000 visits), a top 25% site might see 87 leads and a top of industry site could bring you 175 leads! This translates into exponentially more business. To make matters more unfair, this will also allow those sites to advertise at significantly more profit whereas the average sites would lose money doing such activities. This is why website design done right and done by those who understand how to combine marketing and design is so important.

Here are a few important considerations if you want a website that produces top-of-industry results:

Your website should be built by designers who not only understand the technical aspects but are also talented marketers.

An incomplete understanding of design and marketing going into your website build will hurt your business and waste your money. For example, if you hire a brilliant coder/artist to build your site, there can be blindspots in understanding how to structure and write the site in sales ad copy and sales psychology. In these cases, there can be issues understanding customer psychology, marketing best practices, and creating missed opportunities. 

On the other hand, a pure marketer might give you a site on an inappropriate hosting platform that does not fit your long-term plans. Another common issue is that without the proper level of technical knowledge, sites can be built that load slow enough to negatively impact your Google rankings or user experience; slow speed kills. Even if a proper platform is chosen to fit your long-term goals, it requires technical knowledge to prevent errors, security vulnerabilities, and is designed to be user-friendly when you need to make changes. This lack of foresight can require future site rebuilds or additional hidden costs to your business.

Sales Psychology and Calls To Action

Ever notice how there are massive differences in the performance of salespeople in a business? Some produce double or triple the average. This is because of how the salesperson communicates with the customer. The language on your website is no different. If you want a powerful website, you must have it built by sales copy experts and you will see massive differences in results (let alone compliments on how well written and clearly communicated your website is).

Technical Elements

Where your elements are placed, your user experience, and how quickly your site loads matter. For example, a website that takes too long to load will make a percentage of your visitors click away in frustration. It has been common for us to find websites that take over 20 seconds to load! To make matters worse, Google and other search engines understand that slow sites create poor experiences and will derank sites with these poor experiences. This is why it’s important your build has competence. 

Connectt is here to build top performing, results-driven websites.

HOW IT WORKS - The Connectt 6 Step Process


For each site we build or modify, we ensure we are the right fit. 

Strategy Meeting

During the strategy meeting, we will make sure we understand your short-term and long-term goals to factor into your site build and get an understanding of your brand.


Before your site is actually built, we will sketch up some graphic design concepts of what your site would look like when finished. This helps save time so we can quickly get your vision right. This improves the speed at which we can build your site. 


Once we agree upon the “sketchup”, your site will be built. We pride ourselves on super-organized web design projects that deliver on time.


Once built, there will be an opportunity for minor revisions. 


Your site is delivered to you and you are handed over full ownership.

How do I get started?

In order to get started, we do an initial exploratory call to determine if it makes sense to work together. To schedule a call, fill out the form below and get started today!